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26 December 2014

The Patent (p.5)



27 November 2014


C-3PO, Robot Mediator

keywords:mediation, robot, c-3po, keepon, doctor kiosk, ibm’s watson, technology

14 November 2014


The Passion of You

keywords: Truth, Beauty, Passion, perfection, Plato

6 November 2014

The Patent (p.4)



30 October 2014

The Patent (p.3)

Say Yes, Say No

keywords: adversarial system, cross-examination, social agreement, self-actualization

23 October 2014

The Patent (p.2)

Tweet Lockdown

keywords: social media, hearsay, emergency response, Ottawa Shooting 2014, communication, social reality

16 October 2014

The Patent (p.1)

Genes^(Patent Power)

keywords: targeted genome editing, personalized medicine, CRISPR, patents, quid pro quo, ownership, EULAs, molecular therapeutics

9 October 2014

Sistine Robots

Sharing is Caring

keywords: sharing, social media, web of people, privacy, commons, True Name, you, public

2 October 2014

Life at Sherwood Law

Cookie and/or Cake

keywords: self-control, Stanford Marshmallow Study, personhood, perfection, self-respect, gym, excutive control, instant gratification

25 September 2014

Life at Sherwood Law


keywords: copyright, download, fair use, fair dealing, education, textbooks

18 September 2014

The Dreamstealer

Dreams of Electric Birds

keywords: dreams, copyright, ownership, property, locke, posner, hegel, relative reality, three little birds

11 September 2014

Life at Sherwood Law

The Pug-nundrum

keywords: social media, loneliness, pugs, unconditional love, real

4 September 2014

Life at Sherwood Law

iDisorder: Addiction to Technology

keywords: cyborgs, technology, smartphones, neural algorithms, exobrains, tech dependency, addiction